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State law requires us to verify our delivery customers are over 21 years of age. Once our customer service department verifies your information, you will be able to place your first delivery order. 

Email your photos and personal information to:

Subject line: New Customer

Step1: Let's get to know you! 

Please provide us your name, phone number, email & preferred delivery address.

 Step 2: Submit two quick photos - 


A clear photo of your ID


a selfie while holding up your ID

(The selfie helps our drivers properly identify you)






or upload them here:






A Flame & Leaf representative will review your submissions and reach out to you as quickly as possible.


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Step One - Your ID photo 

Your driver license or identification card. Allows us to verify that you have a valid government issued identification.

Step Two - Selfie photo 

A selfie of you holding your driver license or identification card next to your face.   This allows us to verify that your identification is in your possession.  It also gives our drivers security knowing they are completing the delivery to the correct person.

Step Three - Additional Verification

If your license was issued outside of the United States, your passport allows us to verify your identity and eligibility. Take a clear photo with all corners visible.

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