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Care By Design, High CBD cannabis in easy-to-take gel caps come in a variety of CBD-to-THC ratios for flexible dosing. The 18:1 is high CBD & very low in THC. When cannabinoids work together it allows for the, “Entourage effect.” Experts agree, individual cannabinoids like CBD and THC are effective independently. However, when used in combination the positive effects tend to be greater. Patients have found the 18:1 ratio allows for sustained relief without noticeable no psychoactive effect.


Care By Design cannabis oil is cleanly extracted using the supercritical CO2 method, and their products are lab tested to ensure the highest quality. Care By Design tests for cannabinoid and terpene profiles, potency, and contamination. They verify that each bottle contains a consistent amount of active ingredient for reliable dosing. The CBD-rich cannabis oil is extracted from local, sustainably grown cannabis.


Extra strength = 20mg CBD and 1mg THC per capsule
They are 2x the dose of regular strength 18:1 capsules

Care By Design - 18:1 Soft Gels - Extra Strength - 24 ct