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About Us

Flame & Leaf represents over two decades of commitment
and dedication to an exceptional cannabis experience.


The Flame & Leaf Personalized Approach

Marijuana for medical use has been legal in California since 1996. After 19 years, many patients have developed personal insights into various strains and applications which address their particular ailments.


However, patients new to the cannabis industry may have many questions like, "Which strain is good for me?" or "I can't smoke, are there alternatives for me?" or "I've never tried marijuana, can you teach me how to use it?"



If you are comfortable with your cannabis knowledge, know you will find the highest quality cannabis medicine products on our menu page.  Simply make your menu choices, select a delivery time and date, and your discrete delivery will show up without any further effort. Simply pay the driver with cash or debit/credit card.  


Some "Cannaficionados" prefer a more intimate cannabis selection experience.  At your request, an experienced cannabis therapy practitioner can meet you in your home or office to review our selectionf of high quality products from California's premier cultivators and manufacturers.

If you are a new to cannabis medicine and have questions or concerns, a private and confidential consultation with you and a loved one, can be scheduled to assist you through your choices, with confidence.

Excellence and Professionalism 

 Flame & Leaf's founder is a multiple award 

winning dispensary operator from Los Angeles.

With a dedication to the community and his patients, he developed and designed a medical cannabis dispensary that shines as a beacon of LA pride. 

As a respected business operator and patient advocate, he brings that same community and customer focused dedication to cannabis delivery, direct to you.




Order with confidence to your home or office. Rest assured a friendly, clean dressed, Flame & Leaf representative will deliver your needs quickly and discretely.

Quality Control From Beginning to End

Like you, we care about what we put in our bodies. You eat healthy and organic. You exercise and avoid using toxic chemicals. Your cannabis medicine choices should mirror your standards of excellence. Flame & Leaf only carries the brand names you know and trust.  Our relationship with patient cultivators ensures quality control standards from the farm to delivery. Our medicines are lab tested for potency & purity.