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Est. 2017

Cannabis Therapy Practitioners

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Flame & Leaf represents decades of commitment & dedication

to an exceptional cannabis experience. 

If you are comfortable with your cannabis knowledge, find the highest quality cannabis products on our menu page.  Online ordering is simple & easy.  From our menu page, select from the list of curated items, arrange your delivery time, date & location. 

At your requested delivery time, a friendly, clean dressed Flame & Leaf representative will deliver your order to your home or office - 

quickly, discretely & without any further effort.  

The Flame & Leaf Personalized Approach

Marijuana for medical use has been legal in California since 1996 and legal for adult use since 2016.  After 24 years of regulated retail sales, many consumers have developed personal insights into various strains and applications which satisfy their desires.  

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While cannabis is popular in modern culture, many are experiencing cannabis for

the first time. Others are reintroducing themselves to cannabis after a long time away from it & many incorporate cannabis into their lifestyle for its therapeutic benefits.

Whether you are a novice to marijuana or a seasoned, "Canna-ficionado," you likely

have questions.  A friendly & knowledgeable representative is always available

to answer any questions, provide guidance & give demonstrations.


Ask us anything, there are no wrong questions

& you should never feel embarrassed to ask.

You may have questions like,

"Which strain is good for me?"


"I can't smoke, are there alternatives for me?"


"I've never tried marijuana, can you teach me how to use it?"

Our mission at Flame & Leaf is to ensure you have

an exceptional cannabis experience, every time.

Quality Control From Beginning to End

Like you, we care about what we put in our bodies. You eat healthy & organic. You exercise and avoid using toxic chemicals. Your cannabis choices should mirror your standards of personal excellence.

Flame & Leaf only carries the brand names you know and trust.

Our relationship with cultivators and manufacturers ensures quality control standards from the farm to delivery. All our cannabis products are lab tested to ensure potency

& meet Californias' strict cannabis safety standards.

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The cannabis industry is evolving every day.  Each month, a new cannabis harvest 

& the products made from them are brought to market.  We take great pride at

Flame & Leaf to source and curate for you, the finest cannabis products from extraordinary growers, manufacturers & brands from across California.

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